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Grandparents, Intergenerational

The young, the old, and understanding well-being in later life

How should we engage children and young people in thinking about long term financial well-being?  I know this is a little off-piste, but I really do think that the greatest way to engage children in understanding of lifetime and lifecourse issues (of all kinds) is to encourage living in intergenerational communities. Where interacting with people of all generations, including older and very old people is normal and natural and fun, and young people develop positive and loving images and understanding of old age. Our increasing tendency to segregate older people off in specialist housing and retirement communities and collectively categorise them as demented and problematic is very destructive to this intergenerational process of engagement with long lives. Our current research which has collected retrospective lifetime “narratives” of finances and money from older people indicates that early, family and community experiences are formative in lifelong financial planning and management.

About gerontologyuk

Gerontologist with an interest in ageing and the lifecourse, well-being in later life, and social policy for an ageing society.


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