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Government is Consulting on the Abolition of the Equality Act

To everyone’s very great surprise, the government has included the Equality Act in its “red tape” consultation for abolition, as if somehow the right not to be unlawfully discriminated against is simply a bureaucratic inconvenience for employers.

It is extraordinary that this crucial Act has been included in this consultation. The importance of a strong legislative framework against unlawful discrimination has been demonstrated repeatedly over more than thirty years. Abolition would amount to a Charter for Discrimination and would set the equalities agenda back decades.

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Gerontologist with an interest in ageing and the lifecourse, well-being in later life, and social policy for an ageing society.


One thought on “Government is Consulting on the Abolition of the Equality Act

  1. Absolutely GUK. How can dismissing people and treating them unfairly ever lead to the creation of more jobs and higher productivity? It will just support poor management and an uncommitted, fearful,poorly performing workforce.


    Posted by duncan brown | May 13, 2011, 2:09 pm

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