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Let’s stop the ill informed language of intergenerational conflict, time for generational cohesion

Ageing Issues

Two interesting things happened today.  The Office for National Statistics published data showing that we now have, for the first time in history, over a million over 65s in paid work, almost 10% of the over 65 population of the UK.  At the same time, the Bishop of London, in a widely publicised speech, lambasted the baby-boomers for over-consuming welfare resources, more than their fair share, and greedily snatching all the resources from younger age groups.

This is an ill-considered, divisive and irresponsible debate.  It is so disappointing that a man with the power and resources of the Bishop of London stokes up intergenerational tension with such a narrow and unsubstantiated view of lifecourse & welfare.

First, although you hear the phrase ‘baby-boomers’ and this is increasingly publicly associated with how they stole our future, you never see any considered analysis of who these alleged people are.  Almost all…

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