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Downsizing: should financial incentives be offered to “the elderly” to downsize?

A government White Paper published today indicates (on p63) that the government will be exploring ways to encourage older people to ‘downsize’, with one rationale being the freeing up of housing fo… Source: Downsizing: should financial incentives be offered to “the elderly” to downsize?

Scrapping the Pensions Triple Lock? Time to re-frame the debate.

Over the weekend, the Work and Pensions Select Committee called on the government to scrap the pensions triple lock, framing it as a symptom of an economy skewed against young people. In an article… Source: Scrapping the Pensions Triple Lock? Time to re-frame the debate.

Pensions and the triple lock – some context for the debate

I’ve been listening for the last two days to heated debate about the triple lock for State Pensions, with two former pension Ministers slugging it out, Ros Altmann and Steve Webb, and increas… Source: Pensions and the triple lock – some context for the debate

The Incoherence Now Underlying UK Pensions Policy

Pensions policy in the UK has become remarkably incoherent. We are bombarded with pension reforms, but the ones that have tipped us into Wonderland are the last two. First, so-called ‘pension freedoms’ announced last year, and coming into force in a couple of weeks, where people can cash in the whole of their pension pots … Continue reading

Pensions: Advice? Guidance? Does it Matter?

I attended the excellent Pensions Play Pen monthly pensions discussion today, the group founded and generally galvanised by the equally excellent Henry Tapper, pensions person extraordinaire.  Today’s topic for heated debate was Advice/Guidance? Does it Matter? This is a topic close to my heart and I’ve been writing about the importance of advice gaps for … Continue reading

Let’s stop the ill informed language of intergenerational conflict, time for generational cohesion

Originally posted on Ageing Issues:
Two interesting things happened today.  The Office for National Statistics published data showing that we now have, for the first time in history, over a million over 65s in paid work, almost 10% of the over 65 population of the UK.  At the same time, the Bishop of London, in…

Health Insurance in Action: Why We Need the NHS

Originally posted on Ageing Issues:
I am visiting a small city in New York State.  Once one of the greatest cities in the US, it now has a rapidly declining and highly racially and socially segregated population, with a mixture of affluence on one side of the tracks and neighbourhoods blighted by grinding poverty on…

Financial planning for social care in later life: the ‘shadow’ of fourth age dependency

On a day when the future financing of social care is the subject of a new announcement by the Coalition government, Ageing and Society publish our research on how older couples grapple with these matters: Financial planning for social care in later life: the ‘shadow’ of fourth age dependency Article by Debora Price, Dinah Bisdee, … Continue reading

My passion is pensions … but my heart, mind and soul belong to the NHS

August is a funny month in UK universities.  I wandered into the corridor yesterday to find two young South Korean students waiting patiently in our waiting area, despite being surrounded by closed doors.  When I asked whether I could help them, they explained in faltering but perfectly intelligible English that they were undergraduate students from … Continue reading

Now more than ever we need to remember why universal benefits are important

On the day that the Tory-LibDem Alliance have passed a bill that paves the way for the marketisation of health, I think it’s important to reflect on why universal benefits are so important if we want to see solidarity among our citizens and between generations.  More than two years ago, I was invited by Jean … Continue reading