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Employers should offer the over 65s the same benefits as other employees

The government, in drafting age discrimination equality legislation, decided that employers could legitimately refuse to provide insured benefits, like medical insurance, life cover, and salary protection, to the over 65s, creating substantial differentials in salary if you include perks, as well as leaving over 65s much more exposed to risk.  Employers provide these benefits, but … Continue reading

A new single tier state pension above the poverty line – is it fair?

Attending the HC Work and Pensions Committee yesterday to discuss the new proposed single tier pension as suggested in the Green Paper, “A State Pension for the 21st Century”, one idea was repeatedly raised by the MPs –  what to say to constituents who say that they contributed all their lives to National Insurance, only … Continue reading

Government is Consulting on the Abolition of the Equality Act

To everyone’s very great surprise, the government has included the Equality Act in its “red tape” consultation for abolition, as if somehow the right not to be unlawfully discriminated against is simply a bureaucratic inconvenience for employers. It is extraordinary that this crucial Act has been included in this consultation. The importance of a strong … Continue reading